Wooden Teether

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Every parent needs to have a few hand-made wooden teethers around the house for those fussy times. Babies need to be able to chew on something flexible and bitty during those painful moments when their teeth are coming in. They can’t be biting on anything too hard, or they’ll end up with a mouthful of blood.

Soothing a teething baby can be difficult. With the help of a wooden teether, you can offer relief to your child and also create a pleasant and calming atmosphere for them. Wooden teethers are made from various types of wood and crafted into different shapes that will fit the size and age of your child. The natural fiber soothes their sore gums providing instant relief as they chew on the toy.

A friendly, all-natural wooden teether for your baby.

Ages 6 months and up

Wooden teethers are not only natural and safe for babies to chew on, but they also offer the benefits of something that has been tried and true for centuries. Wooden teethers are made out of sustainable wood that is harvested in a sustainable way with no toxins or chemicals added.

Teething time is a tough time for babies and parents alike. There are many ways to help ease the pain, but nothing can replace a baby’s lovey or familiar blanket. In an effort to provide something that combines the familiarity of a baby’s lovey with the soothing properties of wood, companies have created wooden teethers. Wooden teethers are typically made from cherry or maple wood and then sanded so they are smooth to the touch.

Having a teething toy can help soothe a child during those extremely tough times. There are several different types of teething toys that can be used to help with teething, but if you’re looking for a wooden alternative, then this article is just for you! Wooden teethers are typically made from organic materials, which are excellent for sensitive skin and can provide relief to infants who suffer from allergies.

Wooden teethers are chewy, safe, and natural alternatives to plastic teethers. They are typically made of responsibly sourced, locally-grown wood that is naturally anti-microbial. The sturdiness of wood also makes it an ideal material for teething babies because it does not break or wear down easily.

Teething babies can develop teeth between 4 and 7 months old.

This wooden teether is made of natural birch wood, which is safe for little hands to chew on.

It has no paint or stain, so it doesn’t give off any chemicals or fumes like other plastic teethers might. It also features a smooth handle with an easy-to-grip ring that makes the teether easier for babies to grip. The colors are also bright and cheerful which can help distract your baby during their teething process.

Wooden teethers are made from natural, durable materials that will not be harmful to your little one. Be sure to look for wood with a sealant to protect it from germs and bacteria, just in case you want to use it after your little one has outgrown it.

Children love to chew on things, and sometimes even the wrong things. For many different reasons, children should not be given any type of food or gum. Fortunately, there are other options that can help relieve a teething baby’s pain. One option is the safe wooden teether. This option is great for babies who have just teeth starting to come in because it does not have any type of electronic component which could pose an issue with chewing on the toy.

Childhood is a time of beautiful memories with family and friends. During this time, many babies are introduced to their first teether, something that will always have meaning. For parents, it is an opportunity to soothe their child’s sore gums, while for children it is their first experience with chewing on something tangible. There are many different shapes and sizes of teethers available for purchase but if you want something more natural then wooden teethers are the way to go.

Wooden teethers are a great alternative to plastic teethers for babies who love chewing on things. They are safer than some plastic teethers because they don’t contain BPA and phthalates, which are toxic when eaten over time. Wooden teethers can be chilled or heated to soothe sore gums and can be found in many shapes for different needs.

Wooden Teethers are a great alternative for babies who love chewing on things.

A wooden teether can be a great alternative to plastic toys that might pose a threat. Dental and medical associations across the world warn of the dangers of children putting things like pacifiers and even fingers in their mouths because it can lead to tooth decay and other problems. This risk isn’t as prevalent with a wooden teether; however, because hardwood is dense and doesn’t contain any chemicals, bacteria, or toxins like plastic will.

The Wooden Teether by Green Sprouts is a safe and natural alternative that will soothe your baby. It has been designed to be the perfect size for little hands to hold and provides relief from pain caused by teething. The teether contains no BPA, phthalates, or latex and it’s made from a sustainable natural rubber.

The Wooden Teether by Green Sprouts is a safe and natural alternative that will soothe your baby.

A wooden teether is a popular choice for parents with infants who are teething. Teething can cause an infant to be irritable, crying, and chewing on anything they can get their little hands on. Wooden teethers are often preferred because they are natural products that are not prone to harboring bacteria as plastic teethers might. These also don’t pose the same choking hazard as other hard objects which an infant may place in their mouths.

Wooden teethers are a great way to provide relief and comfort for an irritated infant. They can help relieve the symptoms of teething such as swollen, sore gums, and discomfort in the mouth. Wooden teethers also come in an array of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. Softness is another appealing feature of wooden teethers because it makes it easier for infants to hold onto them and chew on them for longer periods of time.

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